Dogtooth is a creative design company. We specialise in helping build brands in the ‘real’ world, the sometimes forgotten, ‘off-line’ world. We transform corporate, retail and leisure environments with wall graphics. We take brands on the road or into motorsport with car wrap designs. We have turned iPads into slick corporate branded sales devices. And we’ve also worked with some great brands over the last ten years. We have worked with the likes of MINI, Blippar, Revolut, UBS, Rovio (Angry Birds), Yammer (Microsoft), TED, Betsafe and many others.

We also build and manage our own products and brands. Some of which have been featured on TV shows and have mentions across the globe in the press and social media. These experiences have helped us to develop a better understanding of a product or a brands life, beyond what many design agencies see.

What we’re not is a slick corporate company with massive overheads and shareholders to keep happy.

What we are, is a group of passionate creatives that believe in what we do, with an honest approach. We only want to work on things where we can actually help and subject areas that we’re fired up about. Because if we don’t stick to that we are wasting your time and money.

Give us a call on 01653 696621 for a free chat or sign up to our email for further information.